Sinterklaas Festival Day
Rhinebeck, New York
"...just a smile away from Whoville with a hint of It's a Wonderful Life."
—Huffington Post

It takes a Village! Come join us.

animated snake puppet volunteer |
Volunteers animate the giant snake. Photo ©Douglas Baz

Volunteers Needed NOW! to help build the Giant Puppets!

Join Sinterklaas puppeteers Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles for workday sessions to create a colony of marching ants, and to restore beloved favorites for the Starlight Parade!  Workshops are geared towards adults and teens, and older children working with an adult are welcome!”

It takes 100’s of volunteers to bring all the puppets to life in the Rhinebeck parade. Join the fun and volunteer to animate a puppet! We need 350 folks to animate all the puppets in the Children’s Starlight Parade!

So dive in! Fill in the blanks, check off what works. Be who you are. Participate in the way that is most YOU. Join the community of Artists, Dreamers and Friends.

Volunteer Form

Please Introduce Yourself

Let us know who you are and the best way to contact you. ⤵

ATTN: Puppeteers

Restore, build and/or carry a puppet in the parade ⤵

Puppet Volunteer Details

If you would like to carry a puppet in the parade, are you coming with a group? (please write N/A if signing up alone) If you do plan to sign up in a group, how many?(you + #) Please include names and ages of all people in your group so we can make sure all who sign up get a puppet! *

Have you carried a puppet in the parade before? If so, which, and would you like to carry it again? (We cannot always guarantee your first choice!) 

ATTN: Music Lovers!

Help keep the bands get to their performance locations during the day and be heard during the Parade by keeping their distance from other bands. ⤵

ATTN: Planner & Organizer Types

Work behind the scenes to make this incredible event happen. ⤵

Event Planning and Production Details

How would you like to help plan and organize the event in Rhinebeck?

Anything Else?

Let us know what you'd like to do on before, during or after Sinterklaas Day. ⤵