"...just a smile away from Whoville with a hint of It's a Wonderful Life."
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2014 Sinterklaas stars for sale

Sinterklaas Illuminated Stars

Each package includes a star, an illumination unit and instructions for assembling.
Order by November 24 to ensure delivery in time for Festival days.
$10. plus shipping

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The Sinterklaas Hummingbird Ornament

The Hummingbird, the 2014 Honor Annimal at Sinterklaas, represents Joy, lightness of being, and bringing folks together, and sweetness. Beauty is its target and its mission is to spread joy.The Hummingbird ornament is  2 3/4″ across, palladium plate over brass. It was specially designed for Sinterklaas by a local artist. It makes a wonderful gift and keepsake of Sinterklaas.
$15. plus shipping