Rhinebeck, New York
Sinterklaas Festival Day
Rhinebeck, New York
"...just a smile away from Whoville with a hint of It's a Wonderful Life."
—Huffington Post






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The 10-minute movie tells the compelling story of Frog’s invitation to be the Honored Animal of 2020 and lead the Sinterklaas Parade, but his appearance had to be postponed due to the cancellation of the 2020 year’s event.

Undaunted and committed to the children of Rhinebeck’s joy, the Frog, through magic of a stellar sort, makes his way into Rhinebeck to gift Sinterklaas Stars throughout the Village and let the children know that Sinterklaas will be back–always.


Animation by Liz Howls

Musical Score by Dan Dukich

Window Set Design: Richard W. Prouse

Based on a story by:

Jeanne Fleming, Creator of Sinterklaas

Martha Tobias, Grumpus Choreographer

Sarah Bissonnette-Adler, Artist

We thank Lila Pague of Winter Sun and Summer Moon for hosting
the viewing of the movie during Sinterklaas 2020!

This movie was funded in part by Rhinebeck Responds.


Be sure to listen to The Blessing of the Frog read by Fr. Richard McKeon
of the Episcopal Church of the Messiah

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Our stars feed both the soul and the body!

Scavenger Hunt

Help the and find her colony!

Parking Spot Raffle

We all know how hard it is to park on Sinterklaas Day. Here is a chance to win your very own parking spot for December 2nd — all day and evening.

With Gratitude

This project is made possible, in part, through funding from Dutchess Tourism, Inc. and administered by Arts Mid-Hudson.

It's A Great Show!

Sinterklaas brings over 350 musicians, actors, magicians and other magical performers to town to entertain you!