Rhinebeck, New York
Sinterklaas Festival Day
Rhinebeck, New York
"...just a smile away from Whoville with a hint of It's a Wonderful Life."
—Huffington Post

2023 Rhinebeck Parking Information

Please review these parking directions carefully. No parking at the police station all day 12/1 and 12/2: The police station parking lot, including the charging stations, will be closed to the general public on Friday 12/1 and Saturday 12/2. Parking will be for law enforcement and fire department personnel only.No parking all day on these streets:

  • North side of South Street from Route 9 to Route 308
  • South side of South Street across from church – approx 60 feet in from Rte 9
  • South side of Livingston Street from Center Street to Mulberry Street
  • Both sides of West Market Street from Oak Street to the Town Highway Garage
  • West side of Center Street from Livingston Street to South Street
  • West side of Lorraine Drive
  • Both sides of South Parsonage Street from South Street to North Park
  • East side of Oak Street
  • Both sides of West Chestnut Street
  • South Side of Chestnut Street from Route 9 to Mulberry
  • Both sides of Traver Lane from the entrance to the parking lot

No parking after 12PM on:

  • Both sides of East and West Market Streets from Center Street to Oak Street
  • Both sides of Route 9 from Chestnut Street to South Street

The Rhinebeck Bank Parking will be closed at 12 PM. The drive-thru ATM will remain open until 3PM. (NO VENDORS)

Municipal Lot BACK Row closes at 9 PM THURSDAY November 30. –
Municpal LOT TOTALLY closes at 9 PM FRIDAY, December 1 through Saturaday December 2 at 11 pm. Incoming and outgoing traffic prohibited

CVS Lot closes at 11:00PM on FRIDAY, December 1 – Incoming and outgoing traffic prohibited until 11PM Saturday, December 2.

All Vehicles in No Parking Zones will be towed at the owner’s expense.FIND parking lots:

Parking for the Disabled:

  • Free- Rhinebeck Town Hall
  • Free – In the lot on the SE Corner of Oak and West Market St.
  • $20 – Rhinebeck Legion

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It's A Great Show!

Sinterklaas brings over 350 musicians, actors, magicians and other magical performers to town to entertain you!